Friday, April 28, 2017

First Impressions: Krad Lanrete's Transilvania Moonlight Release

A first impression of KL's latest series: Transilvania Moonlight

I have to say, my jaw dropped when first came across this. The print features a crescent moon peeking at a crumbling castle through an iron gate. The scene is accented by red roses. gargoyles, bats and crosses. What more could a gothic lolita want?! They even incorporated what looks like an altar or some kind of funeral set up into the accent/belt fabric. 

I was immediately drawn to the High Waist JSK's bust. I find the cut so interesting and I feel like it really suits the gothy vampire theme. The only thing that puts me off about this version is the overskirt, which is hard to see in black but it definitely contrasts on the pink and red colourways. The hem features a cute bat wing shape, perhaps it'll grow on me?

The Normal Waist JSK's elegance lies in it's simplicity. I love how the waistline comes to two little points like a bat wing and there's no overskirt to obscure the print.

Clobba's page lists the material as 100% cotton and the fabric close-ups remind me of Alice and the Pirates' cotton printed items. I'm getting some serious Vampire Requiem vibes here and I love it! It's got me pumped for this release and I hope they don't change the fabric when they start producing dresses.

Trying to save too harsh criticisms for until I have the dress in my hands. I'm not sure if I own enough to confidently predict how this release will go but I'll be hoping for the best! Praying that everything goes smoothly and everyone gets their dresses in perfect condition so we can all be kawaii vampires (no matter how long it takes! Haha).

Normal Waist JSK 

Side - Front - Back

 High Waist JSK II

Front - Side - Back


Front - Side - Back 



Flower Headdress

Headdress with Veil

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