Friday, July 14, 2017

Lillith House - Dr. Jelly Summer Rerelease

Lilith House's revamp of their original print; Dr. Jelly!

The Taobao brand, Lilith House is rereleasing their signature print, Dr. Jelly, with new cuts for Summer!

I'm not impressed by the model shots. The simplicity of the clothes and the lack of blouse make the outfit feel incomplete. I'm probably a little biased though, considering I hate exposing my arm and shoulder area. The new cuts are a lot simpler this time around and create a more casual feel. The plainness of the bodices (on both the OP and JSK) bothers me a bit. It feels a little sloppy.  



I like the OP more than the JSK version. I really like the vintage nurse uniform vibes it's giving me. Once again, the bodice is super bland. I think it would look cute with a couple of large buttons going down the middle or perhaps coordinate it with a simple apron. It's simplicity in design and unique cut allow for more possibilities of dressing up or more casual looks. 


This outfit started off as a subtle casual guro coord but it kind of began to take a life of it's own.

Choker: VonErikson
Beret: Putumayo
Bow: Putumayo
Dress: Lilith House
Bracelet: Aliexpress
Garters: Rutern
Key Chain: Rutern

Concept art for an apron style OP. When I saw this, it got me so pumped for this release! I'm so disappointed that they didn't do this cut! Lilith House please release this version please! <//3

I'm still on the fence about getting this one. I am looking for more casual pieces to add to my closet but I'm still recovering from my vacation in LA. The price is super tempting though. Only time will tell. Please pray for my wallet!

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