Friday, August 18, 2017

High Tea at Chiefswood National Historic Site

High tea in an elegant mansion once occupied by the early poetess; Pauline Johnson

Apologies, my love

Firstly, I must apologize to my readers for falling off the face of the Earth. I've been unable to update due to health reasons. My mental state this past month has been pushed to it's limit these past weeks and I eventually broke down. Working on putting myself back together and I really missed updating my blog. I feel terrible for falling so far behind and I can't wait to share more adventures again.  

My cousin surprised me with a belated birthday present and bought me a ticket to High Tea at Chiefswood National Historic Site, a small museum dedicated to the life and history of the Johnson family in the 1850's. This place is super close to where I live and I went on quite a few field trips here as a child. It was really exciting to revisit as an adult. 

There were a selection of teas from David's Tea. immediately we could smell the Just Peachy. It was so fragrant! I decided to try Magic Dragon and I was not disappointed! I would highly recommend it if you enjoy fruity teas. 

The event included a pamphlet for a self guided tour of the house. It was super interesting, we were seated in what was once the Ice Room. 

On the second floor was Pauline Johnson's room. It was open and available to go in and explore. It ended up being a great place for photos. 

I feel like the first two pictures don't look like me, but that's the reason why I like those pictures? I've been in a strange place lately when it comes to the way I look. 

The Nursery was probably the spoopiest room in the house. It's oddly small and dark compared to the rest of the rooms. My cousin said that she didn't like it and it gave her the creeps. I didn't have the heart to tell her that this was my favourite room. The atmosphere was just too spooky to not love!

A special feature of the house is that there are two 'front doors', one faces the south (towards Six Nations) and another faces the north (towards Branford). The idea behind it was to welcome guests from both sides and to be a bridge between the Natives and Non-natives. 

Outside the house was a set of raised gardens filled with vegetables and herbs. Everything was so lush and green. There was also a large field of flowers with paths running through it. It felt so magical being there. I thought Rissie looked super cute and comfortable among the bumblebees. 

Outfit Rundown:
Hat: Thrifted
Necklace: h.naoto
Bag: h.naoto
Tights: welovecolours
Shoes: Secret Shop

Thanks for reading everyone! Looking forward to getting back into writing for my blog. Thank you to everyone who's been helping me through this difficult time. I'm doing a lot better and I'm hoping to be able to return to a semi-normal routine once again. 

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