Friday, August 25, 2017

The Royal Botanical Garden's Summer Splendor Afternoon Tea Event

More tea! Because I'm addicted to being fancy

Not gonna lie but I did this event the same weekend I went to the teaparty at Chiefswood and I do NOT recommend doing that much Afternoon tea in one weekend. I didn't sleep for two days I was so hopped up on caffeine and I'm pretty sure I gained some weight. Burando was getting tight yo. Tea is serious business.

As a belated birthday present to my dear cousin, Doodle, I had bought her tickets to the Royal Botanical Garden's Summer Splendor Afternoon Tea event hosted by The Travelling TeaRoom.

The place settings were gorgeous! We were also given a small menu of the food being served today, a coupon for The Travelling TeaRoom and a flyer for the RBG's upcoming Tea Festival.


There was so much food! I really enjoyed the crowd we sat with, they took eating as seriously as we did! Despite the large amount of food we managed to eat most of it. I got to take a piece of lemon cake home with me. <3

We were seated outside under a big canopy surrounded by beautiful planters. 

We were granted access to the grounds with the purchase of a tea party ticket. I was so disappointed that I had errands to run after the tea otherwise I would have wandered the gardens all day. The air was so crisp and fresh. It was a beautiful location for tea!

There was a also a small shop with different varieties of tea, postcards and adorable teapot jewelry. I clearly have the greatest family ever, Doodle bought me the pearl teapot because it matched my outfit. ;o; <3

Outfit Rundown:
Hat: Thrifted
Wig: Raindrops
Bow & OP: Lief
Choker Necklace: h.naoto
Pearl Teapot Necklace: The Travelling TeaRoom
(a gift from Doodle, thank you so much <3)
Bag: h.naoto
OTK: welovecolors
Shoes: Secret Shop

It was a really great day! Thank you to the RBG and the team at the Travelling Tearoom for putting on such a lovely event. Also thank you to the other attendees for your kindness and good company! It was exactly what teaparties are about; eating great food with amazing people. I'm already looking forward to the next event here!

See you next time,

Royal Botanical Gardens
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The Travelling TeaRoom
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