Friday, November 3, 2017

Outfit Post: Happy (Belated) Halloween!

Hello everyone! Sorry for such a small post this week. I had full intention of doing a total journal of my first meet up with my new comm, KW Lolitas, but that totally didn't happen and I ended up just  enjoying myself instead. c:

I met so many sweet people. I'm really happy I joined this comm and I can't wait to attend more meets!

Once again, not feeling 100% satisfied with this coord. My make up skills were sloppy today. I think I really need to take so time to practice again. The accessories I had originally hoped to wear didn't arrive in time. I'm hoping next time I wear this it'll look a little more complete. I am really happy with how well my stockings matched my dress. Ivory accessories are a pain to find.
Outfit Rundown:
Headbow: Kirakira
Veil: CheshireCat
Wig: Raindrops
OP: Angelic Pretty
Bag: h.naoto
Tights: Welovecolors
Shoes: ToAlice


  1. You looked fantastic! I especially love the stockings- really gives the whole outfit a Halloweeny vibe!

    1. Thanks Maddox, that's a huge compliment coming from a fabulous person such as yourself ^^