Friday, January 26, 2018

Friends and Tea at Mad Hatter Tea Co.

Happy 2018! What a beautiful way to start a new year!

Hello my dears~ It's a new year, a fresh start for those that needed one I hope everyone is well. <3

2017 is gone but not forgotten. I'm really happy that I started this blog. When the world becomes twisted and dark, I like to click through the entries and relive all the amazing experiences I've been through. This past year brought many gifts but the one of the precious is my friendship with Kaitlynn aka @fawndolly. I'm so thankful that I've met such a wonderful person and I look forward to many more adventures with her and all the other wonder people I've met through this fashion. 

This past weekend fawndolly hosted her first mini-meet in Oakville at a very beautiful Alice in Wonderland themed cafe. 

 The decor was a wonderful mish-mash of styles. I really love the top hat lights and I need some for my future home!

Each sitting area had it's own unique vibe.

 Our table sat beneath an upside-down garden!

The water was lavender infused and had a great taste!

The scone we all decided to get was called "The Hatter" and was blueberry, lemon and lavender.

I was originally really leery about the scone choice (we fear change) but everyone was delicious. I thought it was really cute that our meals were all individually presented on their own little tray. I would say that the meet up was successful~! Everyone seemed to have enjoyed themselves and we got some awesome pics.

Outfit Rundown:
Headdress: Kirakira
Blouse: Metamorphose
JSK: Lief
Bolero: Bodyline
Necklaces: Offbrand
Boots: Offbrand

Looking forward to more adventures this 2018!

Mad Hatter Tea Co.

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  1. Tea party and that too mad hatter is a perfect club or kitty day theme. Our club organized a fashion fest at one of the famous LA event venues few days back. Funds were collected according to two grand functions. One is still pending. Thinking to plan it at the same place. Staff attention was quite amazing and everyone praised the catering as well.