Friday, February 2, 2018

Impromptu Dinner Date (with Maids!) at Uncle Tetsu's Angel Cafe

Lots of pink stuff, maids, good food and great company!

Hello again~! Getting back into a regular posting schedule!
Last week I had a bit of free time after work, so I decided to plan a last minute gathering at Uncle Tetsu's Japanese Angel Cafe

@fawndolly and I wandered around the PATH and saw a lot of cute displays. Many places are getting ready for Valentine's Day and were perfect for Kaitlynn's aesthetic. 

Nyan Nyan Choco

Curry Omurice
This time my Curry Omurice came with a magic spell from the maids to make it more delicious. SPOILER ALERT: It works. 

 Dessert of choice for the night was definitely the parfait! I didn't originally plan on getting a dessert since the Curry Omurice is fairly filling but YOLO.   

It was also Joyce's birthday that day! A happy coincidence! We had a great group of people with us. It felt special to celebrate her birthday with her. 

The original reason I wanted to go out was to have an excuse to wear my new dress aaaaand these are the only pics I got. Hahaha
Oh well, it was a pretty last minute coord. I plan on acquiring some new classic style shoes in the spring. Also keeping a look out for some accessories as well. There's a bit of a story behind my infatuation with this dress so I might write on that next week. 

Special thanks to @joycelush for letting me use her pics~!

I hope everyone has a great week! <3

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