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[Lolita Blog Carnival] What Makes A Good Wardrobe Post

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This week's topic is

What Makes A Good Wardrobe Post

Everyone's favourite time of the year has come to an end! The yearly rush of wardrobe posts has finally slowed. Honestly, there were a lot of well done posts this year, so good to see! I like peeking into people wardrobes, I feel like it tells a lot about someones personality and where they are as a lolita. Like when you a solid colour wardrobe, you can tell they're very dedicated to their specific style and they have a particular colour pallet that they refer too. There's also mishmashed wardrobes which seem a bit sporratic but I just imagine that it's owned by someone who is still figuring out their style or someone who is transitioning to another style and trying new things! 

Anyways, a little off topic, here are some of my ideas for what makes up a good wardrobe post!


Keeping similar items together creates a theme and can be more appealing to the eye once it's all put together. A lot of this will depend on the time you have to spend and the size of your wardrobe. Full coords are really nice to demonstrate what a garment or item looks like in use but this isn't always practical if you have a larger closet. Planning things out ahead of time will make things go a little more smoothly. 

Picture Quality

There are many factors that go into this aspect. The first step is making sure that you have a good background. It can be something as elaborate as a separate area to dress your mannequin or even as simple as having a nice bedsheet to lay your garments on. Make sure that your subject is clear and that your background isn't too cluttered, dirty or even almost the same colour as the clothing you're trying to showcase. Lighting is also very important but very difficult to deal with in the winter months. 


Having a consistency in your pictures will emphasize the previous aspects. If your pictures are in the same area with the same lighting, it's a lot more pleasing on the eyes.

Here are some of my favourite wardrobe posts!
totodedum ❥ everluxxebubbleruffle

It was really hard to choose which posts I liked. I usually just go for gothic wardrobes but there were so many this year! Really happy about that! Is this the revival of gothic lolita? (Lol probably not but please let me have my dreams. ;.; )

That's all for this week's entry. I hope everyone has a good week!

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