Friday, March 2, 2018

Outfit Post: KW_Lolita's Valentine's Day Meet

Hey there! A simple outfit post again. Sadly, I've been fighting off a terrible sinus infection and have had no energy to write. A few weeks ago KW Lolitas had their Valentine's Day Meet

I'm sorry there's not many pictures. I really enjoy the vibe of KW meets and I find myself being lazy whenever I attend. I decided to wear my baby, Iron Gate. <3 I love this dress, it's so comfy and it gets so much attention when I wear it out. 

Outfit Rundown:
Headpiece: Kirkira
Choker: Automatic Honey
Necklace: Offbrand
Faux Fur Wrap: Offbrand
OP: Moi-Meme-Moitie
Rings: Offbrand
Bag: h.naoto x Disney collab
Socks: Metamorphose temp de fille
Shoes: To Alice

The texture of this fabric is amazing. I love the feel of it. It's rough and it hold coolness very well. I find myself touching it a lot. The screen print is also very thick and has a bit of raise to it. I've owned this dress longer than I joined my community. It's nice to bring it out every once in a while. <3

Have a good week my dears, I'll see you soon!

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