Friday, March 16, 2018

High Tea at Yorkdale Laduree!

Some lovely friends took me out for tea <3

Hello my dears <3 I hope everyone is doing well! Last week a few friends invited me out to the beautiful Laduree. I was so excited (naturally) since this place is soooo aesthetic. Every Lolita should take the time to go have tea at Laduree and take some outfit shots. The atmosphere was amazing and the staff were so charming. 

I'm sorry the lighting is so strange in my photos. It was mostly me and my lack of camera know-how. I did my best *cries* 

Laduree's logo is so pretty <3

@Rose Nocturnalia's iced tea was looking pretty tastey

I really love the little "L" flag for the tea pot! I ordered the Marie Antoinette Tea. I found this tea very robust and amongst it's different notes the honey flavour really stood out. I thought it really suited the mood! 
There is a large selection of tea and warm beverages. They have a entire menu dedicated to just that. Inspires me to come back and sample more teas. <3  

Snuck a pic of @fawndolly's french toast. Her and @Rose Nocturnalia ordered the same thing so I was totally wrapped in this amazing smell! They looked really good so I definitely want to try one next time!

Had to get a pic of @strawberry_cat_'s macarons. They were looking too cute all stacked up like that <3

All of this was included in my High Tea including some sandwiches which I didn't take any pictures of (I was too busy eating them). I got to have 2 sandwiches of my choice of Ham or Salmon. I decided to go with 1 of each just to see. I ended up liking the Ham more this time. I know it sounds silly to say but I found the Salmon sandwich too fishy. 

I wish the high tea was served on a tiered tray but I'm not going to complain because of the amount of food I was given. I actually felt full afterwards, which is something rare for me and high tea. 
I love food <3

This is probably where sweet lolitas go when they die tbh

Sadly, I didn't get to take an outfit shot outside. A security guard saw our cameras and told us to put them away. ;.; 
Note to self: bring a decent phone camera next time. 

In all honesty, I haven't been feeling myself. I think it's the strange weather we've been having. I've been dissociating a lot. I'm really looking forward to the sunshine when spring finally gets here. Here's hoping I can feel more like myself again. 

Thank you to my lovely friends for taking me out <3 
I'll probably never stop saying this but I really am lucky to know such amazing people.  

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