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Item Review: Gothlolicloset & KoreanBuddy

I hope you're ready for a billion giant pictures

Hello everyone! Been a while since I did a review (like a really long time), today I'll be talking about the items I ordered from a small Korean brand, Gothlolicloset. I've been watching this shop for a long time but sadly, I wasn't sure how to place an order. Thankfully a few months ago I saw someone in my comm wearing one of their bonnets and I asked her how she bought it. She recommended using KoreanBuddy!

KoreanBuddy operates similar to other shopping services (for those familiar with Japanese and Chinese SS). For those who have never used one, a shopping service is a person or business who acts as a middleman to help you buy things from websites that may not ship to your country. KoreanBuddy has a lot of tools to help you with your purchase. You can easily get quotes and estimates on your possible shipping rates so there's no surprises when you pay. Their website is super simple and easy to navigate. I highly recommend their services if you ever need help ordering from a Korean website!

Right away when I opened the box my sight was bombarded with cardboard and bubblewrap (a good thing to see!) Every item was wrapped with care. Thank you KoreanBuddy! <3

To be honest, I was really disappointed when I first put this on. It stood nearly straight up and I couldn't get it to lay flat like in the picture. There is no wire in it so it doesn't retain it's shape as much as some other ones do. After a bit of fidgeting I managed to get it in a shape I like, so I'm happier with it now. The base is made of a crisp linen/cotton and the laces are a combination of various cotton and polyester. After a close examination I found no loose threads or frays. 

Despite my initial judgement, I'm really pleased with this headbow. It may lack the wired edges for posing but I feel very confident in it's construction. The fabric is doubled making it feel sturdy. Very happy overall and I can't wait to start coording with this!


This item isn't actually mine, I ordered together with some friends but these headbands were so cute I couldn't resist!

Once again the laces are a variety of polyester and cotton. The bows on the side are a delicate chiffon while the main part is a thicker cotton material. Did not find any loose threads again. Headband in this was identical to the one used for the Dark Cross Headbow; it's very wide and comfortable. As someone who has a huge head and lots of hair I would recommend these accessories.  A problem I would often run into is headbands being too stiff and squeezing. These ones are perfect and in my time wearing them around the house, I didn't once feel pain or discomfort while my accessory felt mostly secure. 

This bonnet was the driving force behind this order! I couldn't wait to try this on!

For the lace on this one there's only cotton at the base of the back (where the nape of your neck would be). I imagine this would be a lot more comfortable than having a polyester lace here since there's a higher chance of being exposed to skin here. The rest of the lace is polyester, I'm in love with the little mini veil peeking off the back! The main body of the bonnet is a beautiful jacquard fabric featuring the same chiffon bows on the side and the brim is supported by a thin plastic bone. It feels similar to ones used in lower quality corsets; it's fairly flexible but gives the perfect amount of support for something like this. The neck ribbon is very soft and silky and the ends were also properly finished. 

I didn't tie the neck ribbon for the mannequin pictures. On it's own, the bonnet has a more circular shape but once worn on me (pics at the bottom) it takes more of a slightly narrower oval shape. I love this thing so much! It's so much better than I expected! It's exploding with different textures and details. Very very happy with my purchase! <333


Very impressed with the packaging on my order. These items are fairly delicate and could have easily been ruined in the mail but thanks to the extra attention to packaging my items were all safe. I feel like they really went above and beyond in this area, a lot of other shopping services wouldn't do this. Because of this, they're getting a high recommendation from me. 

I found their website very easy to navigate. Communication occurs though their website and you are notified of any updates via email. It's set up like a chat so if if you have any questions or concerns, you can ask them at any time. Any updates to your purchase are shown in a chronological order. 

I felt confident that I always knew what was going on with my order. Thankfully, nothing went wrong so the entire process went smoothly! I wish all shopping services gave this type of performance. 

Shipping: 6/5
Communication: 5/5
Time: 5/5


I can't comment on the communication, shipping or time aspect of this order since KoreanBuddy was my shopping service. I'm assuming it went well since I paid my first invoice on April 1st and the items were in my hands by April 20th (a total of 20 days including shipping). I have to say I am really impressed with the craftsmanship of these items. Often I find loose threads, poor stitching or construction issues with my orders. I studied fashion in school so I've become fairly sensitive to these details. It's been a while since I've bought something that I feel really proud of. This store is definitely underrated and I will certainly be buying again now that I know what the quality is like! 

Being Canadian and our dollar being garbage, it makes these items on the slightly more expensive side. I was weary to order at first but I'm really glad I did. The headbow and bonnet are probably going to be some of my new favourite accessories to wear. I'm really happy to add them to my wardrobe! 

I was going to remove a point in the construction area because the of the headbow not having a wire but I feel like it's too much of a nitpick. It still is able to be adjusted to stand up or lay flat and looks great. It's more of a personal preference than a construction issue and it wouldn't be fair to hold that against them. Also considering I'm very picky when it comes to accessories and I honestly have very very few things in my closet that compare in quality. A majority of my online accessory purchases (at least 80%) usually get tried on and immediately sold or given away. So I'm really happy that I've found a shop that offers such high quality. Looking forward to seeing more from this brand!

Quality: 5/5
Construction: 5/5

Oh oh, what is this?
 Awww! So sweet! <3

Lookin' kawaii in my new bonnet <333

Slow progression of "wtf is on my head" to "crab mode" to "ultimate filter"

I hope you all enjoyed this review! If you have any questions, feel free to ask! Next week is my blog's 1 year anniversary, so check back next week for a few new updates! 

Until then, take care of yourself.

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