Saturday, April 14, 2018

SO_Lolita's Tea Time at the Windsor Arms Hotel

I know it just happened but I already want to go back!

This is one of my favourite haunts, back again at the Windsor Arms Hotel and this time I brought my comm for some high tea. I hosted my very first meet-up here a few years ago! Such fond memories here. <3

The fun element to Windsor Arms is that there are multiple tea rooms to be seated in. Each room has it's own different colour scheme and layout. This time we were seated in one of my favourite rooms! 

Windsor Arms' scones are my absolute favourite in all of Toronto. I love them so much! <3 Oddly enough, I felt like they were a lot smaller this time but I feel like they gave us extra food to make up for it. I was pretty full afterwards! 

They accommodate a lot of dietary needs! If you suffer from any allergies or food sensitivities, this is the place to go! I worry about this a lot since our community has a lot people who need dietary restrictions and I've experienced places that would accommodate but the food was not up to the same standards or not receive as much as guests with no dietary restrictions. 

Seatings for tea are scheduled in 2 hour slots. After a bit of relaxation we moved to the upstairs lobby for some photos. With such amazing decor, it's hard not to! They recently renovated their lobby and were currently working on the ballroom. I'm excited to see what it looks like when it's completed!

Thanks to my lack of camera knowledge my photos came out pretty dark. ; u;
It was such a shame since my comm is super photogenic. 

Loving this pic of @fawndolly. We helped her film her audition for the fashion show. Please send some prayers to the AP Overlords that she gets accepted. 

I actually took like 100+ pics of @mylesjennifer trying to fix my camera. Thanks for being such a good model while I was fiddling around!

It was a really good day <3 Looking forward to our comm's next big event, Anime North. This year's tea party guests are Chisa representing Angelic Pretty and Minori. I'm absolutely lost as to what to wear. Normally, I would just wear Horror Garden but I feel like I already wear it so casually that it's hard to make it OTT enough for the party. I've had a few ideas for shironuri but I couldn't handle having makeup on my skin. I have a feeling I'm going to be severely underdress for this party. Please help me Mana!

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