Friday, June 23, 2017

(Toronto's Very Own!) Toronto Treat Tour

High Tea! Goth icecream! Shopping! Lounging in the park and Drake snuggling a moose?

The Bloom

There's an anxiety, my friends are nearby and I can feel it. The skirt of my dress resembles a jellyfish and flutters as I navigate the subway. The currents of life are at times tough and difficult to navigate, but we always manage to find our way back to each other. Soon we will reunite again, back to the bloom. 

I wanted to start with this little blurb because it popped into my head on my way to meeting up. I have just learned that a group of jellyfish is sometimes called a bloom. It just fit in my brain because I love jellyfish and lolita. I also just wanted people to know how much I love and truly appreciate my friends and the other people I've met through Lolita fashion. Without it, I doubt I would have ever crossed paths with these amazing people. I am so thankful. <3
I feel lucky to have a small group of friends whom I deeply care about. You guys keep me standing straight when my world is crushing me. 

We immediately started our T-tour with a trip to Taco Bell, because what's more lolita than cheap, greasy, fast food? The three of us love to eat, so naturally we kinda fast and saving eating until we all get together. True friendship stuff hahaha. 
We severely overestimated our stomachs because we were pretty full even when we started off for high tea not so long after.

We had our tea at the Windsor Arms (my favourite place). The staff have always been super sweet and courteous each time I've visited. I was really excited to bring my friends whom have never visited before. 

Strawberry preserves, clotted cream and a mixed berry preserve. My favourite was the strawberry this time!


Our tea selections were Earl Grey with Roses, Chai and I ordered the Tibetan Tiger. I can't comment on how the other teas were since I was way too full from Taco Bell. The Tibetan Tiger was really good though. It's a black tea with strong notes of chocolate, cream and nuts. It's fairly sweet on it's own and is super fragrant.

I still suck at taking pictures but Rose Nocturnalia and the chandelier looked so beautiful.

I feel like a mega potato standing next to Rose but I love hanging out with her and Han-Chan <3

I wanted to wear my OP since the weather has been hot lately. Thankfully we had breaks of coolness throughout the day so I was actually fairly comfortable in my wig. Unfortunately, because of the weather there was actually a tornado warning issued. Thankfully it didn't touch down and we got sporadic downpours instead. 

Wig: Raindrops
Headband: KiraKira
Necklace: Offbrand
OP: Baroque
Tights: Offbrand
Wristcuffs: CheshireCat
Shoes: To Alice

After a bit of shopping and walking around I begged my crew to get some icecream, but it couldn't just any icecream. It had to be GOTH ICECREAM.

We made our way across the city to iHalo Krunch for some cool charcoal infused goodness! 
The line was fairly long due to the cones being freshly made. I'm sure the fact that this was their opening day and they've been getting mad hype on social media doesn't help with that either. Thankfully I have amazing friends who will wait in line with me. I'm such a pain in the ass haha!

Paint me like one of your french girls

We took our (quickly melting) cones and headed across the street to the park. This was a very dangerous adventure considering that Rose got icecream on her skirt. (Noooooooooooo!) Later reports confirm that the icecream came out with a little work and there were no causalities.


We did a little more wandering then deciding to call it a night. It was hard to leave them and even now as I type at my computer I miss them. It feels so far away already but I'm glad I have these pictures and blogs. Our adventures are always close by. I can't wait to see them again!


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