Friday, June 2, 2017

Lolita Fashion at Anime North 2017!

A brief summary of my comm's most anticipated event: Anime North!
Before I assault my viewers with pictures, I'd like to apologize for the spottiness of this post. I've been feeling really off lately and although this weekend is something that I've looked forward to, I still felt very distant and away from it all. I had a great time seeing all my beautiful friends in one area, even for a brief amount of time. I'm so lucky to have them all in my life. I really couldn't capture that in my photos. Brain problems aside, I was also having difficulties taking pictures. I took a lot more pictures than shown but a bunch had to be discarded due to my own lack of camera knowledge. I'm so sorry if I took your picture and it wasn't posted. It was really great seeing so many wonderful people and I look forward to being able to better document my experiences.

This year our featured guests were Metamorphose's designer Natsumi and Triple Fortune's director BABI and designer KAIE. I didn't get to see them at their booth but I did get to see them at the annual Lolita Tea Party. More on that later, below are a few snaps of some of the stuff they had. The prices were very reasonable for a lolita brand and they even had a sale on Sunday. 

I loved this booth! Everything was so beautiful! I wish I could properly credit her but she said that she only does AN and doesn't have a name for her store. She was so sweet, I ended up buying a velvet choker with an eye and bat on it. She was really sad to see it go. So sweet <3

Uncle Tetsu's even had a booth were you could dress up like a maid. Our maid was Minnie and she is possibly the cutest thing in the world. I might be in love. Don't judge.

Hollow Mellow in concert

Sunday's OutfitNot happy with this one. I wish I had proper
legwear. BABI and KAIE really liked my witch hat though c:
Friday's OutfitNot very flattering but sooooo comfy.
I came straight from work so simplicity was key.
stalked managed to run into Vudu Juju Saturday and Sunday. How is one person so fabulous? A mere mortal such as I will never know.

Vudu Juju got me a SKULL CUPCAKE and it was DELICIOUS

Camping out for the teaparty

Iruma Rioka from Hollow Mellow graced our ears with her amazing vocals.

Our guests from Metamorphose, Triple Fortune (aka Brilliant Kingdom) and Hollow Mellow

Blessed by brand
Someone gifted a unicorn bag. Such a cute moment <3

Thank you to everyone that let me take their picture. I look forward to meeting more lolitas!

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