Friday, May 26, 2017

Mini Art Post: Princess Boopy

Today is the first day of Anime North and I can't guarantee that I'll have the time and internet access to post a full page so today's entry is just going to be a mini art post featuring my newest OC and unofficial mascot of my blog: Princess Boopy.

I wanted to create a mascot that really embodied the true nature of my blog. I originally started with tall and elegant models but it didn't stick with me. I'm a goof, I know this. I could never do these sketches justice. I decided to go in a different direction and simplify. Thus, Princess Boopy was born. 

Name: Princess Boopy
Classification: Poltergeist

Poltergeists are not formerly living people but the manifestation of strong energies. They are commonly associated with young women coming of age. Boopy is the spiritual manifestation of having tea and good times with friends. 
She is only 2 inches tall (around the size of a thumb) and is rarely seen without one of her fashionable bows. 
Her hobbies include: brewing the perfect cup of tea, guarding the cupboards and stirring your drink when you're not looking. She most commonly found in the smallest cup or bowl in the pantry. She also enjoys other hot beverages; coffee, hot chocolate, lattes, etc.
Her ghostly duty is to make sure that your favourite cup or mug makes it to heaven when it breaks.

I hope you enjoy this mini post! Please look forward to my Anime North post next week. See you then!

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