Friday, May 12, 2017

First Impressions: Lyre-Ivy's Cat Guerrillas Release

Guns? In my Lolita? It's more likely than you think
 Another first impression, this time featuring Lyre-Ivy's: Cats Guerrillas

This print has been popping up a lot in my Facebook feed. I wasn't too impressed initially. The semi-realistic cats and the simplistic yet delicate cut of the JSK remind me a lot of Innocent World and Emily Temple Cute; two very beautiful brands that are not my typical style. However, I doubt that IW and ETC have ever (or ever will) tackle the subject of military warfare and deem it appropriate to put on a dress.

In the shadow of Trump's presidency; the rise in acts of racism and antisemitism along with the looming threat of WWIII; it's fairly easy to understand why this release has ruffled a few feathers.

I found the model photos jarring and slightly unsettling. The soft silhouette of the dress clashes greatly against the weapon she's holding. The uneasiness I feel stems from my own personal background. My father and the men in his family served in the Marines; I'm very proud of this fact. However, I acknowledge that a soldier is not something I could ever be and I have a lot of respect for people that are.

My personal history aside, I still really like this series. The silhouettes look very comfortable and I'm just a sucker for pleats. My favourite part of the OP is it's little belt. The collar part isn't my cup of tea but it still gets a B+ for effective use of pleats. I prefer the JSK over the OP. I really like the black straps and I feel like they really bring out the gas mask. Surprisingly, there's no skirt version of this series, not that I can complain since I'm not much of a skirt wearer anyways but just a heads up for anyone who may be.

I'm going to be taking a chance on this series because I find the price point reasonable. My expectations arn't too high, I'm mostly thinking of this purchase as a closet filler. My personal taste borders on OTT and I've been looking for more casual pieces that I can wear in non-lolita ways. I can already picture wearing the JSK under a cardigan for dinner with friends or a quick run to the grocery store. I can't wait to add this to my collection.

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