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50 Questions, 50 Ways to Get to Know Me ~ Lolita Version (Part 1)

Want to know more about me? (Probably not but here it is anyways).

Hello, my love! I'm pretty excited, I'm working on something very fun but it's not finished yet. So to buy a bit of time I decided to fill out these questions. Hopefully my work goes smoothly and I'll be able to post it next week. Please look forward to it! 

I only did the first 16 questions to start. 
Here is the original post if you would like to do it yourself!

Question 1:

How did you first get into Lolita?

Shojo Beat logo owned by Viz 

My first exposure to Lolita was through anime and manga (a very common connection at the time). I was heavily into Shonen Jump. A lot of anime that was easily accessible (for a highschool kid with no job) was male orientated. It was a real treat to discover Shonen Jump's sister publication, Shojo Beat, something that was female orientated but still distributed in the same capacity as their shonen counterpart. Both of these magazines were huge! They were more like books than magazines! Anyways, I'm getting caught up in nostalgia. It was flipping through the pages of Shojo Beat when I saw an advertisement for Candy Violet and contact was made. Lolita style officially began to infect my life.

 Looking through the archives of Vivcore's old catalogue, I still see a lot of elements used in my current tastes. 

The site no longer functions but if you would like to learn a little more about this brand you can check out this interview with Parfait Doll or this article on Japan-Fashion.

Question 2:

Do you have a favourite Lolita style?

I really don't. I appreciate all styles of Lolita and their own unique elements that make them special. It's probably why my closet doesn't have much cohesion. I've only recent started clearing out the sweet styles in my wardrobe. I just feel like Classic and Gothic styles suit me better. 

Question 3:

What if I told you that you are my Lolita inspiration?

I really wouldn't know what to say other than, "thank you!" I feel like I still have a long way to go as far figuring out what works for my body and face. 

Question 4:

Baby, the Stars Shine Bright or Alice and the Pirates?

Artwork by Yoh

I definitely started my lolita journey as a hardcore BTSSB fan but AaTP quickly stole my heart. My first brand purchase was a fancy top hat from AaTP and it was way too small for my head. I only recently sold it to someone in my comm. I hope it's loved in it's new home. <3

Question 5:

Do you have any Lolita meets you plan on attending soon?

My friend is hosting a swap meet at her condo this weekend. I'm looking forward to giving my old stuff a new home. I still have so much washing to do!

Question 6:

How many petticoats do you own?

Seven. I honestly believe that you can't have too many.

Question 7:

First lucky pack, lucky or unlucky?

I've never bought a lucky pack. Personally, I feel that luck packs are great for beginner lolitas and people looking to 'fill out' their closets. But I started my journey as a plus sized lolita and I've never felt comfortable spending the money on something that quite likely wouldn't fit me. I'm now currently at weight where I could feel confident buying a LP but my closet is getting fairly large and I'm trying to be more picky about what I buy. If the opportunity arises, I would like to try my luck with an Atelier Pierrot Lucky Pack some day!

Question 8:

What colour were your first pair of tea parties?

(You can tell this was made with Sweet Lolitas in mind haha) They were black of course. I only own 2 pairs, both from Bodyline in black and navy. 

Question 9:

Did you wear Lolita today?

No, but if I could wear Lolita every day, I would!

Question 10:

What brand and series is your most comfortable JSK/OP from?

Iron Gate, hands down, is my most comfortable dress. It's super stretchy in the waist. I actually find myself wearing more for normie things than Lolita. 

Question 11:

Could you go for the rest of your life without wearing Lolita?

I imagine I could. It's just clothing at the core of it all but right now it's such a big part of my life that it would really upset me if I couldn't wear it. There are plenty of valid reasons to not wear Lolita and I'm sure that one day there will be a time where I will encounter such reasons but right now there's nothing really stopping me so I shall Lolita!

Question 12:

Do you prefer Wigs, Hair Extensions or your Natural Hair?

All options have their pros but right now I'm going through a serious wig phase right now. The recent humidity has turned my hair into a rat's nest and it's nice to know I can still have nice hair even when it's being unruly. Super jealous of people who have the skills to work their natural hair.  

Question 13:

OTK or Knee Highs?

OTK's I guess? I have a serious problem with all legwear. I'm 5'7", an awkward height of not necessarily being tall but a lot of clothing from overseas fits me strangely. OTK's often hit me at the knee, tights can rarely make it past my hips comfortably and knee high socks often hit mid-calf for me. That's not even considering the fact that if it's printed, it's going to be faded into a blurry blob. 

Given the option, I think tights would actually be my favourite (given that they actually fit me). Thankfully plain tights sort of work in my usual style of gothic. More sizing options for legwear would be really nice though. 

Question 14:

Do you still own your first Lolita piece?

It's hidden at the back of my closet. I try not to think about it because of how much money I spent on it (I could have bought SO MUCH BRAND)

Question 15:

Do you currently have a Dream Dress?

I was fortunate enough that I recently purchased one of mine <3
Funeral Procession of Rose ~ Aria Blooming in the Twilight from Alice and the Pirates.
Currently not looking for anything on my wishlist right now, trying to take it easy on my spending. Also trying to shift focus off of main pieces and buy more accessories.

Question 16:

Have you ever gotten a dream dream only to be disappointed in it? 

Yes, sadly. Most issues usually come from fit. Lolita style in general, hits me hard when it comes to my body image issues. I'm an inverted triangle shape, meaning I have wide shoulders, a short neck, a large bust (but no boobs for me just a large ribcage) and chubby arms. Honestly, the reason I find Sweet Lolita so uncomfortable is because of the puffed sleeves. I feel really self-conscious of my arms and I don't think puffed sleeves flatter them at all. Most of my earliest purchases were Sweet based and ended up letting go of a lot of dresses because of the way they looked on me. 

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