Friday, September 22, 2017

[Lolita Blog Carnival] Difficult Things To Deal With In The Fashion

Hey there my dears, I've decided to join the Lolita Blog Carnival and this is my first contribution. I hope you enjoy!

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This week's topic is

Difficult Things to Deal with in the Fashion

Unwanted Attention

This is a no-brainer but it's a huge hurdle for a lot of people. Lolita Fashion attracts a lot of attention from the general public and that can be a large task for someone with anxiety. This was actually one of the huge reasons I stayed away from joining my comm early on. Even now, with a loving support system within my community I still struggle with it. To anyone with any kind of anxiety I just want you to know that this fashion is fun and a great way to meet people (other lolitas and non-lolitas alike). There will be days where you feel up to the task of interacting with all these people that want to know about you and what you're wearing but there will also be days where it exhausts you.

Spending Habits

As with any hobby, there ways of cutting costs and budgeting so that your projects don't break the bank. This is extremely difficult with Lolita Fashion (although not impossible). Even scoring a deal while buying a JSK second hand can easily get out of control when putting together an outfit. Unless you're wearing an OP, your outfit will most likely need a blouse or cardigan to cover your shoulders. Depending on what climate you live in and the time of year, a coat or jacket can also be needed. Bloomers can easily be substituted for cheaper alternatives like simple shorts or even completely forgotten if you're brave (just pray for no wind!) But any money you save there can easily be spent in the footwear department. Lolita style shoes are often expensive on their own even without shipping costs but they hold such an importance to the overall look of the outfit. It's hard to find cheaper alternatives, often western styled footwear doesn't have the right shape, style or even colour to match. Not to mention it can be easy to lose track of spending when you start to get into accessories! Necklaces, earrings, wristcuffs, headwear (bonnet, headbow, or maybe a hat?), wigs, tights, socks, belts, rings; these things on their own can be small but the costs can quickly add up!


Dealing with this is super frustrating because it's hard to pin point exactly why you are bored. Are brands not releasing anything that interests me anymore? Do I not have the time/energy to dress up? Why do I feel like all my outfits look the same? Boredom can be easy to fall into when funds are low, you have no occasion to look forward to dressing up for, or even if you simply have no one to discuss the fashion with. Taking breaks from Lolita are not uncommon and I even encourage them. You might not figure out exactly why your feelings are drifting from the fashion but taking time to focus on other things can sometimes respark your love later on.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this week's entry!

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