Friday, July 13, 2018

High Tea at Taylor's Tea Room with SO_Lolitas

Hey there friends, it's been a while. If you have me on Insta, you've probably seen that I've been pretty busy. I modeled in my first ever fashion show at Anime North for Spooky Sparkle Party, went out with SO_Lolita for ILD and even celebrated Kaitlynn's birthday. I was super busy and taking pictures was the last thing on my mind. All my adventures but I felt like I didn't have enough pictures to justify a full blog post. The entirety of May and June flew past me. So here we are on Friday the 13th (a lucky day) and I finally have some content for you. 

Taylor's is located in the beautiful Dundas, Ontario. It's spitting distance from Hamilton but one would never guess you were a 10 minute drive from the hustle of downtown Hamilton considering Dundas' greenery and small town feel. There's a tonne of old buildings here. It's quite beautiful.

They had a pile of teacups which I couldn't stop taking pics of. They looked so cute no matter what angle you looking at them from.

The staff brought us set of tea cups and we picked them based on our coords. I felt like pink flowers went well with my Mossbadger JSK. <3

Had to snap a pic of this one. It's the perfect shade of pink. It reminds me a lot of an Angelic Pretty print.

We were seated in the back near the kitchen which was an experience in itself. You could clearly smell everything being cooked (which smelled amazing by the way). The entire time we were seated the air was constantly filled with the sweet aroma of scones, waffles and different kinds of baked goods. ❤


These scones were HUGE. I was in heaven. I managed to eat everything but was very full afterwards. Very good price for the amount of food you get.

[[The Queen likes your coord]]

We ended up going for a stroll down the street stopping at a lovely little chocolate shop, Beanermunkey, where I bought some mint chocolate for my sister since she's been craving it. I took some pictures but they all ended up too blurry to post.  

Get ready for some Lord Farquaad realness
(I'm also currently obsessed with this dress. Forgive me)
Outfit Rundown:
Hat: Thrifted
Flower Pin: Handmade
Wig: taobao
Blouse: Krad Lanrete
Necklace: Eat Me Ink Me
JSK: Mossbadger
Gloves: Cutie Creator
Tights: Cutie Creatro
Shoes: ToAlice

Anyways, I hope everyone enjoys this post! I'm looking forward to getting back into blogging again. I really missed it. There's a few things I wish I would have caught the first time but hopefully it's just a matter of getting back into practice.

I hope everyone has a safe Friday the 13th! Please watch for motorcycles!

Taylor's Tea Room
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Beanermunky Chocolate
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Friday, March 30, 2018

Mini Art Post: fawndolly

Hey friends! Sorry for the lack of content lately. Honestly, I haven't been doing much lolita wise but I didn't want to skip another week of not posting anything so here's something I completed a month or so ago for @fawndolly. It's the nicest thing I've done in a while. I'm trying to create more but it's so exhausting. I'd like to do commissions again but I haven't been able to finish anything within a reasonable time frame. 

I'm hoping to update the banner for my 1 year blog anniversary and I'd love any suggestions! Perhaps a new friend for Princess Boopy? o wo